Property Damage Claims

Claims management is Case Strategies Group’s business

Our focus is recovery. Even though we have been described as the Hurricane experts, we assist both property owners and attorneys seeking to recover from a variety of insurance coverage policies; including Windstorm, Fire, General Liability, Collapse, Flood, Business Interruption, and more.

Case Strategies Group was established solely to assist in the claims evaluation process. We service our clients, whether property owners or law firms, by evaluating loss, examining coverage to ensure recovery, to help return property to occupancy, and to minimize disruption of lives and income.

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Expertise in coverage, combined with extensive training, and readily deployable personnel ensure Case Strategies Group’s personnel are able respond with unsurpassed speed and provide industry leading claims services allowing our clients to effectively address their most challenging claims or loss needs.

Review the claim – We inspect the property to verify the cause of damages and to prepare proper estimates for recovery of entitlement. Often the initial claim prepared is deficient. Time constraints, the lack of a vested interest in ensuring indemnity, and carelessness can result in minimized recovery. Professional review by an experienced expert consultant protects all parties and ensures a comprehensive and fair presentation of the claim.

Preparation of a Scope of Damages and Estimate – Case Strategies Group will prepare proper damage estimates that accord with damages. This is a necessary step to ensure accurate claims are made for all costs associated. Case Strategies Group has the experience necessary to prepare comprehensive detailed estimates with supporting physical evidence and any other expert opinions required.

Assist to prepare Proof of Claim – Case Strategies Group will provide you a complete outline of the claim prepared on your behalf and will assist in the preparation of any Proof of Claim required. It is critical to complete the Proof of Claim properly or it can potentially cause several issues with your claim such as denial, undervaluation, or significant delay.  Our team are very experienced and highly skilled and will couple this with best practices to assist you.

Negotiate an Appraisal – In the event a suitable settlement or other resolution cannot be achieved, Case Strategies Group is available to assist clients in an appraisal or mediation. Appraisal and mediation are formal mechanisms employed in insurance or other disputes to allow the parties, short of litigation, to reach agreement on the quantum of damages. Prior to embarking on this path, Case Strategies Group will fully discuss with you the process, risks, and costs associated.

Advice on Required Repairs – Case Strategies Group maintains highly-trained property damage specialists with decades of combined experience, who take great pride in supplying advice to clients on the nature of property repairs. Case Strategies Group stands ready to answer client questions and make qualified recommendations as clients navigate the repair process.

 Analysis of coverage – Reviewing coverage available from a claims perspective is often different than an analysis performed to underwrite coverage. It is our duty to review the coverage available and to assist clients in preparing a claim that provides entitlement under the policy or assists in resolution of contested claims. Often items such as costs of mitigation, sue and labour, extra debris removal costs, or many other legitimate sources of recovery are overlooked.