Why Case Strategies Group ?

Over 1 Billion Dollars in Claims Recovered for Clients

Mass tort, class action, and natural disaster property damage settlements are largely administrative processes once negotiated by the parties and approved by the courts. The presiding court closely supervises how potential claimants receive notice of a settlement, how the claims process will be managed, and the steps necessary to qualify for a potential award. While attorneys maintain a key role advocating for clients on legal matters, the mechanics of how a large number of individual claims are documented, processed, potentially disputed, and resolved with an award can involve detailed technical documentation and voluminous and time-intensive paperwork. Navigating this process can be easier for claimants if they have personal client service from professionals who have established work processes to navigate complex claims scenarios. Case Strategies Group has the expertise to fully navigate any complex settlement. Our professionals have spent the last seven years serving a wide range of clients in multiple disputes, including the everchanging claim requirements in the In re Deepwater Horizon litigation.  Free Consultation with the Experts

Turnkey Claims Assistance

At first glance, attorneys or claimants may believe Class Action Settlement Agreements easily define the methodology for the resolution of claim disputes employed by court-appointed third-party claims administrators, and therefore the only requirements in seeking favorable outcomes are submissions of required forms and other documentation. Unfortunately, that approach may have a claim delayed, denied, or drastically underpaid. While there are typically, built-in mechanisms to resolve such discrepancies, we implicitly understand that many claimants do not have the luxury to wait on claim resolutions longer than is necessary. Case Strategies Group provides white-glove claim management services, whether to a single plaintiff or a law firm’s entire mass tort portfolio, to mitigate document deficiencies, facilitate all communication, and timely respond to any claim notices. We believe that peace of mind in this respect is invaluable.  Make Your Claim Process Turnkey

Things Often Become Complicated Quickly

Claimants should anticipate that what is required in a court approved settlement administration process may be interpreted differently by the parties who negotiated it or even the court approved third-party claims administrator.  As an example, the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Agreement comprised of 1,138 pages which has now been supplemented by over 600 policy interpretations,and thousands of pages of definitions and instructions. Some of these policy interpretations are detrimental or problematic if not well understood, and considered while navigating settlement requirements. Understanding these ever-changing settlement nuances is an important aspect of the claims process. We believe there is a simple axiom that should be considered: the claimant should engage the proper experts to thoroughly address the administrative tasks necessary to protecting their interests.  Handle the Complexities for Me

Independent Valuation Of Your Claim or Portfolio

Case Strategies Group believes that knowing is half the battle. Understanding the true value of a claim, or a portfolio of claims, is an important aspect of managing expectations and even financial affairs and strategic decisions.  While our valuation does not replace what a court or an appointed claims administrator might award, it does provide important data that guide your decisions in the context of disputes and key life decisions beyond. To this end, Case Strategies Group provides each client with claim reports specific to causation and valuation.   Let Us Determine an Independent Claim Value for You